Vested with the judicial power by the ASCSU Constitution, the Supreme Court is tasked with interpreting, upholding, and enforcing said Constitution, the acts of Senate and ASCSU in general.

The Court works with the conduct process. Its Justices serve as representatives of the student voice on conduct appeal and pre-admittance hearings alongside CSU faculty and staff. Additionally, the Justices serve on the All University Hearing Board which hears and renders sanctions to student organizations (including Sport Clubs and those organizations belonging to Fraternity and Sorority Life) that have violated the Student Conduct Code.

Finally, the Supreme Court acts as the law within ASCSU with the ability to conduct investigations, hear cases, and deliver sanctions or formal binding opinions regarding legislation, the Constitution, student organizations and their governing documents, College Councils, and even ASCSU Officials.

Supreme Court Mission

The ASCSU Supreme Court is committed to creating a safe environment, promoting student success, and representing student interests in the CSU Community. We strive for fair and equal treatments of all students in their conduct proceedings.

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