Resolution 4701 – Adoption of the Bylaws of the Forty-Seventh Senate

Resolution 4702 – Approval of the Board for Student Organization Funding Bylaws

Resolution 4703 – Formation of the Budgetary Affairs Committee

Resolution 4704 – In Support of Peaceful Freedom of Speech at Colorado State University

Resolution 4705 – Declaration of Support for the Fort Collins Broadband Initiative

Resolution 4706 – Asking Administration for Additional Funds to Allow for the Dedicated Enforcement of Safe Bicycling Standards and Practices and Laws

Resolution 4707 – In Support of Renaming the Ram Walk in Honor of Savannah McNealy

Resolution 4708 – Edits to the Rules of Order of the 47th Senate (Withdrawn by Author)

Resolution 4709 – In Support of CSU Student

Resolution 4710 – University Sponsored Air Travel Emissions Tracking

Resolution 4711 – In Support of Increasing Awareness Concerning Hunger, Homelessness, Poverty, and Food Insecurity

Resolution 4712 – In Honor of Bruce Mann

Resolution 4713 – Resolution to Consolidate All ASCSU Branches’ Office Hours into One Digital Application (Held in Committee)

Resolution 4714 – Declaration of Support for Net Neutrality by the Senate and Students of Colorado State University

Resolution 4715 – ASCSU-RHA Declaration of Support for the Saving of Lives and the Prevention of Opiod Overdoses on the Campus of CSU

Resolution 4716 – 100-Percent Healthy Rec Center

Resolution 4717 – In Support of Learning Analytics

Resolution 4718 – Stadium Lights Out

Resolution 4719 – In Support of More University Data Regarding Poverty-Related Insecurities within the Student Body

Resolution 4720 – Adoption of Revised Bylaws for the Forty-Seventh Senate

Resolution 4721 – Religious Exemption Policy on Syllabi

Resolution 4722 – Recognition of Darwin Day as an Observed CSU Holiday

Resolution 4723 – Support Efforts of Native Engagement to Pursue Land Acknowledgement by CSU

Resolution 4724 – Congratulating and Thanking Daniela Pineda-Soracá

Resolution 4725 – Decide Extra Funding for Rocky Mountain Student Media Corporation Decision

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